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  • Chelsea Sanchez

Water, Down Under

I float alone on my raft atop the sea for

the water has taken my lover’s bones.

Some nights, I faintly see her grin

in the reflection of the cerulean blue.

Some nights, I can see her eyes as

the saving grace of my nightmares,

soft hazel in the eye of the storm.

When the storms get too rough,

they are often conjured up

when I ponder the memories

of brushing skin and sweet whispers

we had shared in the dark, long ago.

I desire little but to leave here,

preventing the torment I have placed on

others with every step I take on this earth. I

do not want another soul to be taken simply

because of a simplistic love, attempting to

plaster over the cracks from harlots I have

sated this loneliness with.

I crave a home that no love can fill, far

away from any of those I may damage. I

wish for a home far away from the world,

far from the cosmos of the atmosphere,

lost in the tendrils of time,

distant from my lover

who is six feet under.

By Chelsea Anne Sanchez

Chelsea Sanchez is a Psychological Sciences major from the class of 2024. She dabbles in creative writing as she sees fit, expressing her memories on paper whenever possible. She resides in San Diego, longing for a dog, a hazelnut iced coffee, and a bit more excitement.

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