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Community Journal Submissions

Fall 2021 Theme:

Every quarter we will have different themes in which you can creatively express yourself. Our community journal is a great way for your creative work to be published.

The theme for the Fall 2021 quarter is emergence!

Watercolor Painting




Q: Do submissions need to be pandemic related?

A: No! Although we love to see our creatives capture their pandemic experiences in their art and writing, we're equally as overjoyed to take other work as well! As long as your submission is connected to the theme, we'd love to publish it!

Q: When do submissions close?

A: Submissions for the Fall 2021 quarter close November 26th.

Q: What do you mean by "emergence?"

A: Looking back, we see not just the parts of ourselves that we've left behind, but also the parts of us that have taken new form; where are we emerging from, and what are we emerging into? Do we always emerge into the people that we want to?  

  • Fiction/Non-Fiction: 2500 words (1 piece)

  • Poetry (1-2 pieces)

  • Photography: .jpeg or .png (1-2 photos)

  • Artwork: All work must be original. (1-2) pieces, any media – painting, drawing, digital, etc. Artwork must be scanned and sent in .jpeg or .png format.)

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