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  • Karissa Jade Muñoz

In the future and beyond

“It’s ok, I got it,”

Never see me stress.

Handle all my worries alone.

My bosses, I impress.

But the weight of being perfect made my body feel like lead.

I couldn’t handle another second

Of being alone,

Feeling dead.

“I should ask for help!”

…I tell myself.

Others can lighten the load.

But what’s a person to do when her culture has taught her to never burden others?

I hide away and implode.

Suddenly, you came into my life.

A kind soul with a beautiful face.

The world felt lighter as you hugged me tighter,

deeper in your embrace.

I realized that being alone is not the best

And support is what I need.

From my deserted island, you rescued me.

You planted a fertile seed.

Now in the garden we share our lives,

Secrets and struggles galore.

And every battle we fight together

United in our war.

Our relationship has made me stronger

Revived, I’m full of love.

We’ll grow old together, our hair all gray,

And our lives anything but.

Not every day is perfect and

Not all of the stresses are gone.

But it’s easier knowing you’ll be beside me

In the future and beyond <3

By Karissa Jade Muñoz

Karissa is a 5th year PhD candidate in the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology. When she’s not in the laboratory, you can find her dancing while cooking and rewriting lyrics to the melodies of her favorite songs.

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