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  • Dion Kim

waiting for things to spill over

currently, i’m busy.

i’m so busy, but not doing much at all, but still, i find myself feeling unorganized, messy, floating.

so yes,

i’ve been out of time, so i’ve been spending whatever minutes of freedom

to take care of my basic needs.

i don’t sleep well these days because i can’t seem to breathe.

so everyday, i am so beaten up and tired.

i barely have the time to write,

and even now, i can not, because i don’t have the time to even feel.

i don’t have the time to feel the emotions that used to spur my writing.

i am waiting for things to spill over.

and then, i will truly write.

By Dion Kim

Dion is a Korean-American multimedia creative who goes by a plethora of names. She's also a double shot latte addict and enjoys sleeping at random hours of the day.

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