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  • Chloe Low


Now I look back at how things

went South

& think, Coexistence became

Coexhaustion. A tradition

of silence entered blood

& the distance between Heart and I

was cold cut steel; a clean

& colorless procedure, pamphlet

microdermabrasion that smoothed my lines

& paled all my scars.

The misdiagnosis of a life as wound

was stripping,

removal of oil and water,

cauterized like a root crushed.

See, Eden sinks to grief & realizes how

tiring it is

to stand for so long. East of Eden

there is perfection unfound;

West, there was me.

Now, I carve this poem on the back of

a turtle & set them off

North. It is poems all the way down

& it is simple.

I had been waiting for the person who would change my life.

Why was I waiting for myself.

by Chloe Low

Chloe Low is a second year student at University of California, Irvine studying English and Literary Journalism. Chloe lives in Northern California and enjoys fresh fruit.

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