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  • Gourav Bhattacharya

The Door

I often find myself looking at the door.

I don’t know what lies beyond it,

It seems really dark and a bit frightening.

I try to look away and distract myself,

But the door seems so intriguing.

Just once I want to walk out,

For I believe a step out the door will lead me,

To eternal happiness, or to absolutely nothing.

However, walking out isn’t so easy.

I’ve tried stepping out several times.

Even when I thought I was right there,

My breath pulled me back inside.

Every time I’ve tried stepping out,

I ended up hurting myself.

Sometimes a scar or two,

Sometimes a pain too hard to soothe.

I’ve often tried imagining,

What lies beyond the door,

I’ve seen so many walk through it,

And haven’t seen them anymore.

I wonder where they go,

I too want to see,

Somebody tells me that if I walk out the door,

I’ll once again have a good night’s sleep.

For some reason my dear ones,

They don’t want me to walk out,

They try to stop me by criticizing,

And one of them simply cries their heart out.

The door seems so close at times,

I could simply get up and walk through it,

But every time I’m on the threshold,

Something pushes me to quit.

Thus, I sit here every day quietly on my chair,

With nothing else of interest to me,

From time to time I take notice that,

I often find myself looking at the door.

By Gourav Bhattacharya

Gourav Bhattacharya is an artist at heart who is still trying to discover his calling. From making and acting in short films to dabbling in photography and storytelling to writing poems, he has done it all. Anything that allows him to let loose his creative juices fascinates him greatly.

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