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  • Karissa Jade Muñoz


I used to conduct experiments, read, and write all day

Aspired to be a perfect scientist

and be productive in every way.

As I walked to seminar, I answered emails and chatted with friends.

My day was perfectly timed when I was on the clock.

My work ethic, solid as a rock.

No time to waste.


There was news about a virus that was slowly spreading.

At first, we kept working and hustling,

Not realizing where the world was heading.

But our concern slowly grew

As only essential people were told to stay.

Was this virus going to harm us?

What’s this “Zoom” thing you say?

At first it seemed quite fun and futuristic

Chatting from squares

while the world went ballistic.

I thought I could “work from home” and do so much more.

Workout, cook, and finally start that long list of chores.

But, the novelty faded as did my drive.

Why get up early if I can be “in class” in 5?

Slowly those squares transitioned black.

Suddenly no one likes participating.

No one ever answers back.

Somehow, we are distant

even though we interact virtually each day

Or 6-ft apart

to keep Coronavirus away.

Wash your hands and please wear a mask.

Family members are passing and

the hospitals are at max capacity.

Why don’t people just wear a mask?

To leave the house without one…

The audacity.

My mental health has definitely declined and

others seem to agree.

Quarantine is the new normal,

but, when you go out,

do so cautiously.

The days seem longer,

but somehow, I get less done.

My motivation for working is zero.

Truthfully, I have none.

My goals have shifted.

I try to remind myself that “it’s ok.”

I’m relearning to work, study, eat, and play.

And quite honestly, I am just thankful

to be living and surviving

another day.

By Karissa Jade Muñoz

Karissa is a 5th year PhD candidate who loves writing just as much as she enjoys being a scientist. She is most creative at night, which is when she makes random poems or songs. Her life goal is to give a TED Talk about finding balance in the workplace.

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