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  • Tina Hendi

Requiem Reincarnate

One upon a sunrise

She was born bearing wings

Seeking truth to analyze

No thought the mind could bring

Cranium, empty as a washed over seashell

Grit in its pits

The sound of clock tower bells

Restored faded wits

The sickly-sweet smell of morning dew

Resurfaced memories of a Child

Bound to limits hitherto

Illusions made her beguiled

Now comes a sense of imminence

Of the awakening void

Gone is trusting innocence

Becomes she, joyfully cloyed

At newfound liberty

Gliding over the horizon

Of serene surreal Serendipity

Upon the doors of Enlightenment

by Tia Hendi

Tina Hendi is an incoming freshman at the University of California, Irvine. She is majoring in Biological Sciences. Tina loves watching mystery movies, drawing, and painting in her spare time. She plans to pursue medical school and make positive contributions to the healthcare industry.

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