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  • Jessica Cai

Rainy Day Thoughts

What is black and what is white

If there is no black then there is no white

If there is no white then there is no black

Is there anything so pure of itself

giving no chance for doubts

or is it just our wishful thinking

Trying to grasp onto something invisible because

we dislike the bitter taste of the unknown But why

define the undefinable

instead of flying amongst the technicolor clouds

Letting the colors splatter onto us

blending together, coloring our souls

making us one and making us many

so that when the fog before our eyes

one day dissipates

we won’t fall from the skys to the world beneath

of only black and white

By Jessica Cai

Jessica Cai is a third year student at UCI majoring in education sciences and English. She is actively involved in the arts, always exploring ways to express herself. Aside from composition, she is a dancer, choreographer, and figure skater. Her experiences led her to seek authenticity and meaning through the arts. Recently, she is interested in exploring poetry and its beauty.

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