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  • Mayra A. Varillas Cilia

Lost Immigrant

Sleeping was not an option;

Cold, dark, and quiet.

Would I see my mother again?

How about my grandparents?

Am I to be lost here forever

Like all these other children.

Chasing an unknown dream,

The officers took me away;

For I didn’t know her full name

Nor her age or birthday

I was only six

I didn’t know how to read.

How would I know this?

You tell me.

For hours I laid in the floor

Waiting to be transferred.

Smelly, crowded, humid, and

Only one toilet seat for all.

I was taken away.

The fence was big,

Kids everywhere, their eyes

Filled with lost hope.

Detained, separated.

For how long?

They too had forgotten.

Am I to become them?

For they were once me.

By Mayra A. Varillas Cilia

Mayra A. Varillas Cilia is an undocumented immigrant from an indigenous village in the Mixteca Poblana in Mexico. In 2020, she got a double major in applied mathematics and statistics from UCLA. Currently she is getting her masters in statistics at UCI.

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