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  • Chelsea Sanchez

House of Bone

Welcome to the house of bone,

where adrift memories are consumed

for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

with smiles that dream melancholic lullabies.

Remnants of cheer have faded from the ceiling,

leaving only sanguine splatter from a clenched fist

colliding with flesh, bruising soft cheeks to purple.

The toxic, dark whiff of yesteryear taints the air,

chilling the walls with icy comebacks

and the timbre of frustration turn into creaks

under the chewed-out, putrid floorboards.

There is no life here, only loss and strife,

haunted by ghosts who haven’t moved on

from a land the rest of the universe left behind.

Though, it should be said it was once different,

all those years ago when time didn’t poison the

body like a stinging disease set to dry.

Somewhere remains a moment time forgot, grimaces

only came when it was necessary to mourn and cheers

were the default language of love. The walls were once

colored in bright hues of yellow, lacking anguish,

flourishing embraces and cheeky grins. I’ve learned

better than to hope for a return, for all flowers of white

wilt without water

By Chelsea Anne Sanchez

Chelsea Sanchez is a Psychological Sciences major from the class of 2024. She dabbles in creative writing as she sees fit, expressing her memories on paper whenever possible. She resides in San Diego, longing for a dog, a hazelnut iced coffee, and a bit more excitement.

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