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  • Chloe Low


The poster with the cat hanging on a tree branch with it’s two front paws gives the advice to take care of my mental health. But what about my metal health? Metal lasts only if you take care of it and I don’t want to rust. Does silver get shined? Or polished? Is that an actual thing? Is cutlery even made out of silver in this economy? The knives and bread knives and forks and dessert forks and spoons and teaspoons will be stacked and clean and lemon smelling. I won’t mind the dents on my water bottle anymore. I won’t wince at the sound when I drop it. I’ll figure out what cast iron is made of, learn how to maintain my shape in the fire, practice choosing to stay when everything surrounding is in ashes. This door knob is brass and squeaks from lack of use. It will only go silent if my smile is a welcome mat, my hands a doorbell, myself a door.

by Chloe Low

Chloe Low is a second year student at University of California, Irvine studying English and Literary Journalism. Chloe lives in Northern California and enjoys fresh fruit.

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