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  • Lauren Yuan Wei Li


we met on one of those days that are easily forgotten. one day, a butterfly flew into our lives. like a petal fluttering in the winds. that day, it was a passing wind. how did we end up here? it wasn’t fate that brought us together. we met by accident. meaningless coincidence. i thought it was my miracle. the corner of the street where we first met gazes in the spring. i had been longing for my own miracle. the corner of the street where we parted ways in the autumn. we walked down the street together. i no longer go down that street. the dandelions beneath the telephone used to sway with us. now they sway away from my touch. how did we manage to walk past all those times together? that thorny path with no end. i came to believe that our love was just an accident. i believe it was a miscalculation of the universe. insignificant like the wing stroke of a butterfly. an inevitable disaster. i did not want to think that we met by destiny. i did not want to cross paths with you again. but i am left wondering. if i turn this corner, will i run into you? i am left wondering if this is my last chance or a dream.

By Lauren Yuan Wei Li

Lauren Li is a first-year Chemistry major at UCI. When she isn’t listening to music, she is catching up on lectures, making something delicious, or curled up in bed with a book. Lauren is from Southern California, where she enjoys the rare rainy days and staying indoors.

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