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  • Lauren Yuan Wei Li

because it was you.

(i’m not a hopeless romantic)

i’m not the girl who daydreams about a knight in shining armor

i’m not the girl who waits around for her prince charming

i’m not the girl who falls in love at first sight

i’m not the girl who believes in destined encounters

i’m not the girl who romanticizes the little things like opening a door or picking up a pen

i fell in love

because it was you

not because i had been waiting to fall in love

or because i believe in fairy tale happily-ever-afters

not because i had watched pride and prejudice one too many times

or because i thought i could be happy with someone like you

i saw you

your lone wolf act, a wall you put up to keep others out

your sense of humor, a puzzle piece that perfectly fit mine

your laugh, a sound that resonated in my ears until i heard it again

your face, a blush that i had unknowingly caused

you hands, a wordless comfort i never knew i needed

your embrace a touch that made me sure that i was no longer alone

or so i thought

you were all i needed

By Lauren Yuan Wei Li

Lauren Li is a first-year Chemistry major at UCI. When she isn’t listening to music, she is catching up on lectures, making something delicious, or curled up in bed with a book. Lauren is from Southern California, where she enjoys the rare rainy days and staying indoors.

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