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  • Dion Kim

always, always.

never have i felt so smothered / i am sweltering in a blistering fervor

this fervor is nothing but full of malice, i am blown up out of

proportion and undressed in the most

wrong ways.

always, always. is what i tell myself

always keep your cool

stay soft, stay soothing, stay calm

in your enveloping distress, don’t let it

eat you up.

today i am waking up again, my automaton arms whirring sweetly

at the 3:30am alarm, i am sitting by myself in a thick solitude. the

air rests heavy on my heart as i am awake, unnerving so, my blood

was pumping in my ears last night.

oh, how does one escape the chains of routine?

always, always, i lay my head down to rest at 5am,

but i never sleep because it is soon to be dawn.

i lay in my muted blankets and fall into a tired stillness and wake up

for the second time at 8am.

today, just like yesterday, i crank back the bolts in my shoulders

rest my fingers on the metal and pound keys like

it’s a daytime job, run my fingers on heated silver till

run the mice till the sky darkens again, 5pm.

By Dion Kim

Dion is a Korean-American multimedia creative who goes by a plethora of names. She's also a double shot latte addict and enjoys sleeping at random hours of the day.

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