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  • Kyle Tadashi Kusuda

A Moment of Everlasting Before Sleep

Before bed, she dances

To a made-up song

And then reclines like Cleopatra beside me

As we lay, I dream

The imperishable length of a wish,

A morsel of undying

Where the firmament of time

Cannot hide the kaleidoscope of her laugh song.

The Greens of her hellos,

The Blue Greens of her yeses

Entangles in my dreamcatcher

A deathless abiding of colors into song,

An unceasing mantra of primrose incense

That hums louder than the knell

Rending the poppy’s hue,

Blessing heaven’s tapestry

I kiss her temples, and eat of the lotus

The Cleopatra beside me.

By Kyle Kusuda

Kyle is a history major in his fourth year. His main poetic influences include E.E. Cummings and David Lee. He and his girlfriend, Monica, reside with his family and German Shepperd in Garden Grove, OC.

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