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  • Audrey Garcia

In this second

As the orange simmers to a pale blue

I hold my breath for a moment

For a moment I let myself feel peace

I inhale optimism for a second

Just a second

Only a second

And in this second I feel bold.

It feels dangerous to look ahead with optimism.

Optimism usually breeds disappointment,

But what else do I have but to look ahead?

To face the future with audacity

And jaded courage?

And although the fear lingers

In my memory and in the breeze,

For a moment the orange is a pale blue

And for a second the world seems beautiful again.

By Audrey Garcia

Audrey Garcia is 4th year undergraduate double majoring in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. Audrey aspires to be an educator and is passionate about research in the Humanities. Her participation in UCI's SURP and UROP programs have inspired many of her endeavors. Audrey is dedicated to UCI's Global Connect Internship and her Learning Assistantship in the French Department.

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