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  • Stacey Manos

And The World Will Die

Don’t worry, I’ll just sit here

I’ll sit and I’ll think about how I should get a plant for the hell of it

I’ll hum a song from a musical I’ll never be in

I’ll sit and think about how I must have upset him so much he can’t sleep at night

And the world will die.

Yes yes, I’ll sit here and write meaningless poetry about my tangled hair and fraught

relationship with my sexuality

I’ll watch white women post about how hard it is to be a mother and how yoga has

changed their world

I’ll tell myself I should stretch more

And the world will die.

I’ll stare at my television and not hear a word

I’ll sit on my couch and drink half a glass of cheap wine

I’ll run a bath for dramatic effect

And the world will die.

The world will die

and die

and die

And I won’t have a thing to do with it.

By Stacey Manos

Stacey Manos is a first generation college student and a senior at UC Irvine, double majoring in Psychology and Social Behavior and Drama. She has written two original plays which have been in collaboration various Latinx theatre companies. She uses her writing as a vessel to speak about social justice, mental health, and resilience. Her poetry collection can be found at @skmpoetry on Instagram.

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