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  • Audrey Garcia

A Confession of Love for Times New Roman

I love you,

Times New Roman.

I love seeing you strewn across my page.

I love typing you into existence.

And I love reading you most of all.

There was a time,

Times New Roman,

When I could not bear the thought of you.

But as I found myself,

I found myself looking at you.

Time and Time again.

You’ve been with me all my life;

Required for every essay.

And I find myself using you

As my only form of solace.

In a Time where Times are ever-changing,

Yet every morning feels the same,

A constant is you,

Times New Roman.

How odd it must seem to love a font,

But I think it’s the experience of it all.

And when I try to imagine my future,

Of myself engulfed in words and books,

I think of you,

Times New Roman.

And I find hope in your consistency,

And I love you,

Times New Roman.

By Audrey Garcia

Audrey Garcia is 4th year undergraduate double majoring in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. Audrey aspires to be an educator and is passionate about research in the Humanities. Her participation in UCI's SURP and UROP programs have inspired many of her endeavors. Audrey is dedicated to UCI's Global Connect Internship and her Learning Assistantship in the French Department.

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